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PLatariáda 2024

will take place
Friday June 14th through Sunday June 16th 2024

in the scout cabins in České Budějovice

Registration form is available [here].

Photos from PLatariáda 2020 are available [here].
Photos from PLatariáda 2016 are available [here].

About the event

PLatariada is (since 1997) a yearly meeting of users and upholders of (not only) Atari historical computers. Now organized by Atariklub.

This event (unlike some others) is not concerned on coding competitions. It is mainly a friendly meetup of people who know each other over internet. And there is a possibility to meet new people who are "handicapped" in the same way. Active Atarians bring their own computers or game consoles. The number of tables is limited, so it is better to let organizers know how much space you will require.

PLatariada is situated in a group of scout cabins (opposite the "Pasovska 16" house). The area is grassy and fenced. Those who does not want to sleep in a cabin, can sleep outside or build their tents. The environment is good even for children.

Entrance fee for 1 day is 120 CZK (5 EUR), for more days it is 240 CZK (10 EUR).

In order to keep the highest level of comfort for appropriately behaving visitors the organizers reserve the right to exclude persons behaving aggressively, inappropriately or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The extent of aggressiveness or being under the influence is to be decided by the organizers. Those who are not planning to behave decently are not welcome to visit this event.


Main organizer:
Zdeněk Eisenhammer [pg (zavináč) pinknet.cz]

Created by JirkaS, (c) ATARIKLUB